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North Port Florida Real Estate

The City of North Port Florida is a very advantageous place to buy a home in right now.  You can purchase some terrific homes at pre-real estate boom pricing.  Located halfway between Tampa and Naples, it has the laid-back feel of a suburb but is benefiting in many ways from the economic windfall of its nearby neighbors. Located in scenic Sarasota County, it is an up-and-coming area that is still in development. It’s an exciting time to live in North Port as the city grows up right before your eyes.


Amazingly, in sheer size alone, the city of North Port is actually one of the largest in the entire state of Florida. However, they rarely show up on such lists because their population is quite low compared to other highly-populated areas of Florida such as Miami or Palm Beach County. With just over 40,000 residents, it is not crowded by any means but has everything that the bigger cities would have within a short distance.

North Port, Fla is 103 square miles in area, making it a Realtor’s dream. Add to that the fact that at the present time only 10% of that area is actually developed and you will see why the North Port Florida real estate market is booming. This type of room for growth is very rare in Florida, especially in an area so close to the coastline. The declining realty boom will mean there will be plenty of property listings no matter what your housing budget is.

The average annual temperature is an idyllic 78 degrees. For this reason, many seasonal residents come from the North during the harsh winters. They tend to buy condos or rent houses for these winter months, meaning that owning one would be a great investment- or perhaps you are the snowbird yourself, looking to get away. North Port is a great place to enjoy the warm winter temperatures while escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city, while still getting all the amenities of the big city.

Life in North Port

With the economy in North Port booming, it’s no wonder why so many houses are being built. Many are consistent with the Mediterranean style that is so popular in Southwest Florida. The median home is 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, though if you have a larger family you won’t have a problem finding a more spacious home. You might also be amazed to know how many homes are built near the various waterways…and how affordable they are. Normally you would have to pay a very premium price for a house on a body of water.  North Port Fl is an area where you can buy a home and still have enough money to possibly buy a boat if you don’t have one already. There are also places where you can dock your boat for reasonable fees if you don’t live directly on the water.

Though many companies are moving directly into North Port, there are still other opportunities outside the city limits if you don’t mind commuting. Many residents hop on the highway and go to Port Charlotte (five minute commute) or Ft. Myers or Sarasota, both of which are within a 40 minute commute. A few hardy souls even commute all the way up to Tampa or St. Petersburg, which are around 70 minutes North of North Port.

The People of North Port

North Port has doubled its population over the last decade, and continues to increase by a rate of roughly 10% per year. This increase comes as businesses are finding the relatively low cost of living and starting a business in gorgeous North Port to be advantageous to them. This of course means more jobs and more people moving into the area, thus the sizeable increase every year.

In order to accommodate the influx of new residents, the city of North Port, Fl has begun to build schools. The first was a middle school completed in 2003 which now has full enrollment. The next was a state-of-the-art, $55 million high school that was the first one built in Sarasota County in nearly 50 years. In fact the demand for schools in this family-friendly area is so great that the Sarasota County School Board has plans to open up a new school every two years!

But the population of North Port is not just limited to families. Due to the rush of new businesses who have decided to set up shop here, there are a lot of recent college graduates and young professionals in the area, too. The nearby Charlotte Harbor and Gulf of Mexico attract people of all ages. Everybody loves the beach and North Port has plenty of them nearby (some only fifteen minutes away).

Jobs and Business Development

Since 90% of the area in North Port is undeveloped, many businesses are moving in. This provides top-notch job opportunities for graduates or students seeking internships or summer jobs. The rush of visitors in winter months can increase the population of North Port- practically overnight! This of course means more employees needed to provide all the services and products the visitors demand.

Property taxes are normally quite high in the Southwestern Florida area, but not in North Port. Fees are fairly low compared to some of the other, more highly-populated cities in SW Fl. This is another reason why companies are willing to move in. There is also a proviso written into the State Constitution that makes a personal income tax illegal in the State of Florida, further sweetening the business development pot and making it an attractive place to start a business or expand into. If you have ever wanted to start your own business, North Port might be the ideal place.


North Port, Florida has become the Gold Standard in not only Sarasota County but also all of Southwest Fla when it comes to education. As previously stated, they opened up a new middle school just a few years ago and also an elementary school in 2004. In 2005 the School Board built a state-of-the-art high school for the booming area. The school was estimated to cost $55 million to build, showing how big of an investment that Sarasota County and their School District is willing to give in order for the local children to have an excellent education. There is no need to send your children to expensive private schools when they can get a similar (if not better) education from the free public school system in North Port.

In terms of Higher Education, North Port is no slouch. The University of Southern Florida (USF) opened the South Sarasota County Campus, which sits on the Northwestern border of North Port. There are also campuses in Tampa (roughly 1.5 hours away) and Sarasota (roughly 40 minutes away). Manatee Community College is a quick five minute commute up the Interstate Highway if you prefer to pursue an Associates or one of their specialized programs.

Sights and Sounds

Since the population of North Port can increase by up to 50% during the winter months, it is safe to say that there are plenty of local attractions and things to do that make it such a popular destination. The great things about North Port is that no matter what your interest or passion is, you will find a way to indulge in it either in the city or within a very short distance of it.

If the arts are your thing, then you will love the North Port Performing Arts Center. It is a newer, modern-looking building that can house many different types of performances and/or exhibits. With several community college and Universities in the area, there are plenty of student productions and concerts to be seen for a very small fee (if any).

If your tastes run more to the outdoors, then you will be thrilled with this area. Within a short commute you will find Myakka River for great boating, fishing, canoeing and water skiing. Sumter Sidewalk is a gorgeous area for a hike or casual stroll. And of course, the nearby Gulf of Mexico provides opportunities for swimming, surfing, boating, water skiing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and more. North Port is also the home to the only forest in the State of Florida, meaning you can camp and hike here like nowhere else in FL (literally!).

If you love the nightlife, the area around North Port is booming. Newclubs, bars and especially restaurants are opening up all the time. This is especially true of Port Charlotte, a beautiful city only a five minute drive away that sits on the water and has some of the best dining in Southwest Fla.

And let’s not forget the family activities, since so many children and teenagers are in the area now with their parents. In nearby Tampa you can find Busch Gardens that has fun for the whole family. The aforementioned beaches of the Gulf are enticing as a daytime family activity. There are also plenty of community events (some of which are free) to entice you to spend your days outdoors with your family in the sunny, 78 degree climate.

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